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"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give"
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Book Stephanie for a party! She will travel anywhere for a chance to connect and share her message -- #knowyourworth!
Stephanie has conducted readings and signing events at Gresham Books, CycleBar, Sugar Cubed Cake, and Maggie Mae's Kid's Bookshop, and multiple elementary schools!

"The title caught my attention first, “Know Your Worth” but it was the opening pages that brought me to tears…. A large picture of a Penny with the words
“They say a penny is only worth a cent.  It’s like having nothing”.  The book goes on to talk about a turtle, Penelope, whose nickname is Penny.  Penny doesn’t like her nickname because everyone considers a penny to be dirty and worthless leading her to believe that she is the same.  So why was I moved to tears?  Apple of His Eye Charity started because of a dirty, discarded penny." 

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