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“You are not what happens to you. You are who you choose to become”  

From traveling. Airports and sunshine bring out my creative side. I wanted my first book to be the legacy I left for the world and I wanted the second book to encourage others to use their imagination.


It took me 12 years to get my first book #knowyourworth published. I just had to meet all the right people and get motivated to finally make it happen. In fact it inpsired me to become the person I needed when I was younger.


Loves: Unicorns & Sprinkles
Food: Dessert & Seafood

Color: Orange & Rose Gold

Season: Summer

Place: Palm Springs

Song: Bigger Than

by Justin Jesso, Seeb

Car: Tesla/Rubicon

Meet Stephanie

Stephanies books have garnered widespread acclaim, prompting numerous interview requests from prominent news stations eager to delve into the inspiration behind her captivating stories. Solomon's insightful interviews reveal not only her passion for writing but also her commitment to nurturing the imagination of young minds. Articles celebrating her literary achievements and unique storytelling style regularly grace the pages of esteemed publications, further solidifying her status as a celebrated figure in the realm of children's literature. Stephanie Solomon's enchanting tales continue to resonate with both children and parents alike, making her a beloved and influential figure in the world of storytelling.

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