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Stephanie's top-rated publications

Stephanie Solomon, a highly sought-after children's author, has captivated the hearts and minds of young readers with her enchanting and imaginative storytelling. With a magical touch that brings characters to life and weaves compelling narratives, Solomon has become a literary sensation in the world of children's literature.Author Stephanie Solomon is a whimsical and giving soul. She aims to live every day like it's her birthday. She has published three children's books & raised over $15,000 for charities by believing in purpose over profit. Support Stephanie & her mission to empower others to #knowyourworth follow your dreams & change the stigma around #infantloss!

The content of this book is one of a kind. The moral compass of the author is one we should all want our children to follow. The illustrations are soft, inviting and calming.  This is a must for your child’s collection!

This book portrays an important message. Kids love the colors and characters throughout this story. My niece and nephew read it every night before bed! Can’t wait to see more from this author!

This book is such a gift. It relays a very important message.The delightfully illustrated water color pages give whimsy to the story. You will surly smile while you see Penny on her journey to know her worth. 

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